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Friday, March 07, 2008

Just hanging in there

Yes sir, fair takes my heart away when I see those wee critters just hanging in there. My state these last few weeks. I didn't want to post but there were compensations. I'm not going into my sob stories or for that matter any stories. My heart just missed a few beats when suddenly, out of the blue, I won the third place in a photography contest organized by Pixetra and IIPM. The Amaze photo contest. Of course, the dragon fly wasn't the entry. Perhaps I should have chanced it and sent this one instead but, then again, who knows.
Deponti was there for moral support and does that woman really support. She's like the proverbial pillar when you need one. Don't ask me which proverb and which pillar. I can't for the life of me remember.
So, I'm hanging in there, friend. And foe, just in case de foe remembers to read this and de fine me. Oh! God! I'm losing my mind over puns and pun dits. There I go again.
Sethu, the inspiration behind photography was there too to egg me on to more mischief and Deponti didn't help one bit. She actually contributed along with Anush, her favorite comrade in arms.
Just one final word before I go down. I wasn't expecting it. Every one of the pictures that had been entered had so much class I wondered why I was still sitting there. If it wasn't for the fact that Sudhir Shivram was there to talk about photography, I probably wouldn't have dared to show my face. But there it was. I was a trifle disappointed that Sudhir wasn't talking about his pictures but about the basics of photography and how to buy a camera instead. Not my cup of pilter caapi.
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molarbear's posts said...

We were SO happy when you won the prize, it wasn't difficult to support you (yes, you did seem a little weak-kneed!) at want to know what pillar? The cater one, of course....!

Congrats once again. Am so happy to have found a friend in a neighbour!