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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Goan somewhere?

One of my closest friends got married and has decided to move to the desert to meditate. I got to attend the wedding, dance with the bride and have five star dinner after all. She looked ravishing and I was terrified that my innate talent in dancing would take over and that people would be rolling on the floor either clutching their sides in hysterical laughter or yelling in agony over toes trodden on.

But, this is not about the wedding. This is about Goa. The place is lovely and I can't imagine that my first trip there, way back in 1999 was such a disaster. Let bygones be and let me talk about this trip. I just managed to slip into Goa the day before the wedding. Lots of people slipped in much earlier and were sunning themselves but I hadn't managed to find the time.

Meeting up with friends was such a rush job but in Goa, time waits for you. Montego Bay Resort in Morjim was (by all accounts) brimming with people but there was no one to be seen. The sea chattered away with the sands of the beach and the quiet murmur of the wind caught in the trees were all the sounds that I could hear. The hammock strung between two trees was inviting but I had to rush back to Colva, get dressed and get to the wedding.

That night, I looked towards the sea in the darkness. The white breakers gently snurfing across the beach could just be seen but the sound was drowned out by the roar of the crowd in the bar next door where a party seemed to be in progress. Sighing, I dragged myself to my cottage and dropped into bed. There would be another day, I promise myself. But that's a promise I've been making to myself almost every day. Perhaps this year.... One never knows.