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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The first...

This is my introduction. I prefer to stay safely tucked away in my couch, travelling vicariously and living a life of absolute abandon. Sure, it's unhealthy and I'm not defending it. In fact, I don't defend myself, usually.

Amateur photographer pretending to be great, writer of sorts, and philosopher in waiting, is how I could describe myself.

People who know me, and many don't, think I have a sense of humor and suggest that I could do with a little make-over. Me, if I've a sense of humor, I'm yet to find it. It's probably tucked away somewhere in some closet that I've forgotten.

I believe there's more to life than rushing about trying to make money and derive pleasure from painful escapedes like driving, golfing, running away to the seaside or a jungle resort, exercising....
This is not a satirical blog. I haven't even started. In fact, I don't even know where it will go from here. Go with the flow, I always say. The more you fight it, the more it will tire you.

I started this blog to put down my thoughts. Perhaps, one day they'll trash it all and say, "he was a great blogger. He wrote nonsense." If you think I'm cynical, you're probably right. If you think I'm not, you're probably right again. Besides, I haven't decided what kind of a personality I should take on and here I am rambling away like a rose without a thorn to its name.

Future posts, I promise will be more meaningful and I shall attempt to discuss various topics of general interest.