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Friday, April 22, 2011

Adu's now officially a teen

Adu's now officially a teen. He turned 13 yesterday (April 21, 2011) and is somewhere in Dandeli experiencing the delights of the forests and the Kali river there. I'm moping because I couldn't go with him but, what the heck, he's happy.

Lots of stuff happened to me too over the last few months. I went through considerable stress and finally got out of it when I changed jobs. I'm now working for a tiny company where I'm happy to do my job and go home every evening satisfied that I've done my work.

I've got my four personal projects which went on hold early in January but I plan to restart them now.

That's it for now but reconnecting with the world is in progress. There's a little beetle that's wandered in even as I write this stuff, so I'll have to take time capturing it and sending it out the window before it causes damage to itself by trying to romance my light fixtures.


Chandu said...

First, belated wishes to Adu. Guess a special birthday to start his teenage! Hoping to see your Flickr 365 project up again with snaps besides the blog updates. Will be watching the space for updates

Couch Potato said...

Thanks Chandu.