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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just a teaser

I haven't managed to post much these last few weeks owing to "technical" problems. That really hasn't stopped me from continuing to observe and enjoy nature.
I will post sometime over this weekend but I thought I should leave you all with a little teaser on what I plan to post on.

That's right, it's bees. And the very helpful tabebuia tree, right in front of my house is currently providing a lot of food for thought. Honey anyone? I'll be right back.


Sanna said...

I like hoe the bee and the flower match each other. =) And I found the bird photos interesting too.

travel plaza said...

Hey CP, I'm back!!! Great picture. Waiting for more.

Couch Potato said...

Thank you both. I was completely out of touch with my own blog for a while but have now returned with another piece about some interesting behavior of squirrels (chipmunks).
But then again, you must have already seen it.

molarbear's posts said...

nice....enjoyed this entry too!